Laying Instant Turf

With the paving completed by Peter Robinson Paving, we had the task of filling in the excavation with 30+ cubic metres of top soil, bedding this in, leveling and then laying 80 square metres of instant turf.

The trees are Knightia excelsa (Rewarewa) a native tree with a very attractive and distinct flower. The instant turf is tall fescue supplied by ROLAWN.

One of the important issues with laying of instant turf is keeping the turf watered until the roots bed in. Otherwise the turf shrinks, then ends curl up and it can look untidy. The screened top soil was supplied by Central Landscapes and the 200litre trees by Blackbridge Nurseries in Auckland. Another 10 trees will be planted along in front of the new shops as part of the Farmers building dvelopment.