Planting Out Steep Embankments

Planting at Horsham Downs

Take a steep bank, line it with black weedmat, add some periods of light rain and clay and you have what at times seems like an ice skating rink. 3m below there is a soft landing – at least for as long as the ground below is wet!




We spent 4 days planting out 630 flaxes at Horsham Downs and wiring down the weedmat whilst tied off to our anchor points at the top of the embankment.

To help give the plants a positive start, we backfilled the planting holes with compost to which we had mixed in ‘Crystal Rain’. This is a moisture retention crystal which acts like a water reservoir that the plant can draw once the ground drys out.

We will be keeping a close watch on this project to assess the growing rate of the plants relative to others planted in close proximity.