Mignonette Vine

Mignonette vine (also known as madeira vine) is a threat to native plants. It kills them by smothering them and blocking out available light. This vine is starting to spread in the Waikato region. It was originally introduced as an ornamental plant, but is now a ‘containment’ pest. This requires the removal of all mignonette vine plants.

We have been working with the Hamilton City Council at various sites in the city to firstly contain, by removing the vine or spraying it, and now to manage regrowth through spraying and collecting up any of the nodules we find on the ground.

Over the past month there has been an explosion of regrowth with some of the tendrils growing over a metre in length in just one month. Some of the vines we have cut out have been as thick as your wrist.

If you have this in your garden or neighbouring gully, please let us know. The nodules will grow when they drop to the gound.