Deck Construction


Jim Wilson – Consulting Engineer

Building Consent

HCC – compliance certificate issued 5th July 2011

Special Requirements

Maintain integrity of fencing for containment of dogs

Material Supplies


Construction Works

This project involved the construction of a 50m2 deck where the edge of the deck where the fence is was 1.4m above ground. The ground needed to be excavated to provide the required ground clearances from the bearers. The main piles are 900mm into the ground. Prior to placement of the bearers the bi-fold doors had been fitted. The profiles were taken using the block wall foundation of the house as the reference point. Once the doors were in place were able to define the levels at which the rebates of the piles needed to be set. At this stage of the construction most of the timber could be brought up this side of the house. All bearers are made from two 200×50 set into the piles and bolted through.

150×50 Joists are positioned at 400mm  centres. Due to the overall length of the deck, joists needed to be butt-joined using gang nail plates. The 200×50 bearers at this end also had to be joined using a special cut and joined using stainless steel plates.

Decking timber being was placed smooth side up. Decking timber pressed up against each other to get a tight join. As the decking timber has dried we have ended up with a nominal 2mm gap between planks.  The seats were an extra recommend by Ecolynx as a variation. The posts for these seats have been cut and bolted into place.

Final Inspection – there were no issues raised by the building inspector during the final inspection and the Certificate of Compliance was issued on 5th July 2011. In August 2011 this deck was further extended by 18m2 along the back of the house to the back door.