Libertia ‘Goldfinger’

Libertia 'Goldfinger'

This Libertia ixioides selection from Naturally Native is named for its bright golden strappy leaves. White star-like flowers nestle among the leaves in spring followed by golden seed pods which remain on the plant for some time. An outstanding contrasting colour in the garden year round.

As this plant is protected under ‘Plant Variety Rights’ supply can be limited.

Sun to part shade

Size: Ht 400mm Wd 400mm
Sunlight: Full sun to part shade
Temperature: Frost hardy
Foliage: Evergreen
Other features: Electric yellow foliage
Garden care: Tolerant of all soil except for very wet.

Libertia ixioides is commonly used in street plantings and during the winter months this will often take on orange hues. Libertia ‘Goldfinger’ maintains its golden/yellow colouring throughout the year and provides a great contrast against a backdrop of other darker foliage plants.