3-4 year old Toetoe

Pampas looks like the native Toetoe but from our experience is much more tolerant of weather and ground conditions and herbicides. In the right conditions it grows a lot bigger. Some can get to 3-4m in height.

There are three ways to distinguish pampas from toetoe.

  • The dead leaves curl up like wood shavings around the base of pampas;
  • The leaves on the pampas break easily if you bend them over and pull on them;
  • Pampas has a single central rib on the leaf, toetoe has the main central rib then a rib out to each side.
Toetoe leaf structure showing ribs

It is one of those plants that land owners are required to destroy. If you are unsure – give us a call and we will come and check it for you. We often find that it takes several applications of herbicide before it starts to die down.