Building a Deck in Time For Summer

During the later stages of 2010 we had a job of building a 45m2 deck. This involved digging out a bank, digging 900mm deep holes for the piles, fitting the 200×50 bearers and 150×50 joists – then running out all the decking timber. The deck drawings were prepared by Jim Wilson and the bifold doors fitted by CREE8 Construction.

All timber had to be carried up from the front of the section.The final stage was building the fence around the southern edges of the deck.

The deck has been well used since completion and in December hosted a wedding reception. More often than not it is the meeting place for the balloonists after flying at the weekends.

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Planter Boxes

35 large planter boxes now adorn the Hamilton V8 pit lane. Planted with 45l grade Portuguese Laurel these now form a backdrop to the site’s sculpture “Passing Red”.

The planter boxes are made from recycled plastic milk containers and wood shavings and were built by Rapid Construction in Pukekohe.

We have lined the boxes, provided filtering materials and used a screened topsoil and compost mix from Janiesons topsoil.

The sculpture and planter boxes will be moved to make way for pit lane for the duration of the V8 racing then returned to their current positions

Laying Instant Turf

With the paving completed by Peter Robinson Paving, we had the task of filling in the excavation with 30+ cubic metres of top soil, bedding this in, leveling and then laying 80 square metres of instant turf.

The trees are Knightia excelsa (Rewarewa) a native tree with a very attractive and distinct flower. The instant turf is tall fescue supplied by ROLAWN.

One of the important issues with laying of instant turf is keeping the turf watered until the roots bed in. Otherwise the turf shrinks, then ends curl up and it can look untidy. The screened top soil was supplied by Central Landscapes and the 200litre trees by Blackbridge Nurseries in Auckland. Another 10 trees will be planted along in front of the new shops as part of the Farmers building dvelopment.

“Mission Impossible”

This was akin to ‘Mission Impossible’ where our task was to weed around the banks of the Suffrage Pond at the Hamilton Gardens. We then cleared
out the reeds growing in the pond itself.

Given the time of year – it wasn’t too hard other than the bottom of the pond was extremely muddy so we all ended up wet and dirty.

This project was very much about team work and resources.